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Got Termites? I Can Help

Termites are nasty critters that work their way into your home and destroy it from the inside out. My name is Linda, and I am a pest control specialist. I have seen many homes and other buildings absolutely destroyed by termites. A termite infestation can cause a great deal of time and money to fix, and I'd like to tell you how to avoid having termites in the first place. I'll also discuss the clues that you have termites in your home and what to do if you already have an infestation. You can fix a termite problem, but you should act as quickly as possible. Let me be your guide.


Got Termites? I Can Help


4 Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation And What You Can Do

Cockroaches are quick and sly pests that lurk around in the dark and in darkened areas. They run quickly and hide well. You could have a cockroach problem without realizing you have one until you have a problem that is out of control. If you aren't sure if you have cockroaches, there are signs you should watch out for. Read on for signs of a cockroach infestation and what you can do about it.

Developing A Pest Control Plan For Your Restaurant

In the restaurant industry, it is imperative that you create a pest control plan well before any problems arise. If you are consistent and do not lapse in following your plan, you increase the chances that a single pest incident will not turn into a major problem. Have Routine Inspections Both your contractor and your pest control service should perform routine inspections. If you have already noticed pests, both professionals can give you an idea as to what is wrong with the property and where the pests may be nesting or entering the building.

Hickory Dickory Dock: How To Stop The Mice From Running Up The Clock This Winter

Winter is finally here, which means pests like ants and roaches will finally leave your home for a few months. However, that doesn't mean you can stop worrying about pest infestations. In fact, now that the cold weather is here, you need to be even more serious about the pest control efforts. That's because cold weather brings out the furry pests, particularly the mice. As soon as the weather turns chilly, mice start looking for a warm place to stay, which can include your home.

How Encapsulating Your Crawl Space Will Help With Pest Control On Your Property

Your crawl space is area underneath your home that gives you access to things such as your plumbing and electricity and promotes airflow under your home. However, a crawl space can also allow pests into your home if you don't take care of the area properly. Your Crawl Space & Pests Your crawl space, as well as allowing access to your home for necessary repairs, can also allow pests to access your home if your it is is not properly enclosed.

Protecting Your Property From Severe Pest And Insect Problems

Insect problems can create some serious consequences for your home and health. However, there are effective options for preventing and addressing pests, but homeowners often still face troubles as they work to manage this annoying and potentially hazardous problem. Identify The Causes Of Your Insect Problem Being aware of the causes of the insect problems that you are experiencing can be one of the first steps in effectively combating these problems.

3 Important Reasons To Hire An Exterminator When Facing A Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are unwanted insects that can find their way into your home from time to time. Upon infesting your home, they can breed like crazy. Instead of confronting this pest yourself and potentially making mistakes, contact an exterminator. They can help you deal with this pest situation in the following ways.  Quick Species Identification  In order for the right cockroach insecticides to be used, the cockroach species needs to first be identified.

Is Your Property Welcoming Pests?

During warm and humid months, pests are at their peak. Is your property appealing to bugs, reptiles, or rodents? Create a not-so-welcoming environment which encourages unwanted pests to leave on their own – before you experience the headache and expense of an infestation. Some tips to make your property less-appealing to common pests include: Keep things dry. Standing water is a big allure to bugs, and it can also serve as a water source for rodents, birds, and wildlife.

What To Do If Ants Are Taking Over Your Home

Ants can get into just about anywhere in your home, so don't be surprised if you find them in the oddest of places. You would think they would be in your food pantry, but you can find them in your bathroom or in bedrooms as well. Ants are going to come in where they can and will keep moving in order to find food and water. If you are finding these pests all over your home, you could have an infestation and need to get control of it.

Tips For Tending To An Ant Problem In Your Home

If you have suddenly found that there are a lot of ants in your home, you will want to make sure that you are immediately taking action. Even if you have only noticed a couple of ants, you need to put the following tips to good use. Where there are a few, there are many, many more. Remove The Food Source For The Ants What might be a tiny speck of food to you and may be barely noticeable, might be a scrumptious meal to an ant.

8 Home Remedies For A Rat Problem

Home remedies have been used in the past to help catch rats with mixed results. Due to the fact that rats carry disease, you have to take action quickly to prevent the spread of disease. If you want to use a home remedy, here are several that you can try.  Ammonia. Rats allegedly hate the smell of ammonia. You can place small jars or bowls in the areas where the rats have been spotted.

Three Reasons To Remove Bats From Your Property Immediately If You Have Dogs

Compared to your dogs, a bat probably seems fairly harmless. While bats may not do much to inflict damage directly to your pets, the winged mammals can cause serious problems for your dogs by spreading diseases and parasites. Listed below are three reasons to remove bats from your property right away if you have dogs. 1. Bat Feces Can Give Your Dogs Lung Disease Bat guano (feces) is capable of transmitting harmful diseases to your dogs.

Three Reasons Why Predatorial Animals Are The Best Natural Pest Control

If you love animals, really love animals, then you probably have an aversion to killing any living creature. This often becomes a problem when you experience pests, because you do not want them exterminated, but you do want them out of your house. If you consult animal-loving, all-natural pest control services, you may find that they often provide and suggest predatory animals. This is not a new approach to pest control; cats and mongooses have been used for centuries to control mice, rats, and snakes.

Have Termites? Know How to Get Rid of Them

While termites can be a huge problem for a homeowner, dealing with them at the first sign of infestation can prevent those problems from occurring. Termites are known for eating wood, but the way that they actually consume wood is much different than how you may think they do it. Termites don't use acid for breaking down the wood. Instead, they utilize a special bacteria that breaks down wood cellulose. After the bacteria has done its job, all the wood that was exposed to the acid decomposes, and this allows termites to eat the wood.

Discover the Best Ways to Remove Roaches from Your Home

Are you constantly finding cockroaches in your home? Although you may see most of them in the kitchen, it is possible that you are seeing them in other areas of the home as well, including the bathroom and living room. If you seem to be dealing with an infestation, you must take action before the infestation gets any worse.  Self-Treatment Options: Trying to Eliminate the Cockroaches on Your Own Before seeking out assistance from the pest control professionals, you may prefer to try taking care of the problem in your home on your own.

Pest Control Products To Remove From Your Home Before An Open House

Many homeowners experience occasional or frequent problems with household pests — but this isn't something that you likely want to broadcast to others. Whether you deal with these pests on your own or enlist the help of a professional, you want to be sure that there are no signs of your issue when you list your house for sale. Prospective buyers may understandably be concerned about submitting an offer on your home if they see indicators that suggest a pest problem may be present.

Tips To Protect Wooden Play Sets From Termites

When it comes to termites, you likely already take the steps necessary to protect your home from these voracious wood feeders. Yet, your outdoor play set may be set outside and exposed to these pests. Not only can they ruin the play set and thus your investment, the termites feeding could also compromise the safety of the set. The following tips can help you avoid a termite infestation. Tip #1: Use treated wood

It's Getting Warm Out: 3 Steps To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Winter will be over before you know it. Once the warm weather returns, so will the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can carrydiseases that are detrimental to you and your family – including the Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Yellow Fever. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes away. Here are just three of the methods you can use to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Get Rid of Standing Water

3 Tips For Getting Relief From Itchy Bed Bug Bites

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you are probably thinking about calling a bed bug exterminator as soon as possible so that you can take care of the problem. However, you might already have existing bites that are making you miserable. You should also know that even with the help of a professional, you might not get rid of your bed bug problem right away, depending on how serious the infestation is.

Tracking Termites | A Quick Termite Inspection Checklist For Home Buyers

Finding and buying a home is an arduous process filled with many potential pitfalls. One such pitfall that you need to avoid is purchasing a home riddled with termites--insects capable of causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. When you're viewing potential homes, review the quick checklist below to ensure the property is termite-free. 1. Check The Yard For Termites Begin your search for termites in the front and back yards.

Tips To Keep Animal Pests Out Of Your Crawl Space

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don't even think about your crawl space most days. It's usually only a concern when you need to go into it to service a broken pipe or similar home repair job. Unfortunately, a crawl space can be an inviting place to rodents and other small mammals. It's warm and protected, with water and food just a short jaunt away through the floor boards.

How You Can Keep Pests Out Of Your Pantry

Pantries are by far one of the most important closets in a home. Between your kids getting their afternoon snacks and you rushing in to get everything together for dinner, the pantry can get messy. Pantries are also a haven for pests. From tiny weevils to mice, the buffet inside these spaces is attractive.   Invest In Plastic Storage Containers Food items like packaged cookies, flour and sugar bags, and potato chips are basically impossible to close once their seal has been broken.

Have Cockroaches Inside Your Home? Know The Health Risks

The sight alone of cockroaches is usually enough for you to want to get these pests out of your home quickly. Cockroaches are not just an annoyance though, since they pose a danger to your health. Know what risks come with having cockroaches, and prevent this pest from getting back in. Parasites and Disease Cockroaches tend to walk across surfaces that are grimy, food that is rotting, feces left by animals or pets, and even dead corpses of rodents that they find in or out of your home.

Rats In The Daytime? It's Not What You Think

If you see rats inside your home or on your roof during the day, you might think that you have a large infestation on your hands. While you could possibly have a large rodent problem in your home or somewhere on your property, you could actually have a very small population of rodents living in your home instead. Here's why you see rats during the day and what you can do to eliminate them.

Have a Wooden Backyard Playscape? Learn How to Protect It from Pests

Having a backyard playscape is great to keep your kids busy by climbing and swinging. Unfortunately, a wood playscape is prone to having bugs infest the construction material by burrowing through the wood or consuming it. Here are some tips to help keep these pests away. Use Cedar Wood For those that have not yet constructed the playscape, consider using cedar wood to build it. This lumber will be more expensive, but it will deter insects from getting into the wood.

What To Do When Your Vacation Home Is Overrun With Pests And Wildlife

If you dread heading to your vacation home because it's become overrun with pests, then relax. There are simple, easy ways to get rid of these little bothersome creatures and free up your house so that you can enjoy it. Some of them are things you can do yourself, while others you will need help with and are best advised to call in a professional pest control service. Here's a breakdown on some common pests and how to handle them.

Three Common Mouse Control Options

Having mice in your home can be a serious concern: the little rodents can carry diseases and get into your food, and if left unchecked, their population can grow exponentially in just a few weeks. If you've seen a mouse in your home, or have seen the signs of one around, there are several ways that you can remove them to control their population. Mouse Traps The most common type of mouse trap available is a simple wooden spring loaded trap that can be baited using peanut butter or cheese to attract mice.

Squeaks in the Night: How to Tell Whether Mice Are Invading Your Attic

Does your attic sound haunted due to nighttime squeaks and strange sounds? Well, don't call Ghostbusters just yet! More likely, you need to call Mousebusters: squeaks in the attic often mean there are mice in the area. The bad news is that mice are capable of chewing through wires and starting electrical fires. Fortunately, you'll know whether mice are invading your attic by identifying a few telltale signs. Listen Closely to the Noises Coming from the Attic Late at Night

The Process of Bed-Bug Treatment

If you believe that you may have a problem with bed bugs, then it is going to be in your best interest to contact your local pest-control company to have them send out a professional. Doing this will ensure that the issue is properly diagnosed and treated in the best and safest way possible. Since dealing with bed bugs is no joke, you want to make sure that you find an effective way to get rid of the bugs and stop them from spreading to other beds and other places within your home.

How to Safely Eliminate Sugar Ants & Prevent a Reinfestation

If you on a small restaurant and sugar ants have been spotted around some of your spices and other dry ingredients, safely eliminate the pests and deter new ones from entering the premises with the following methods. Once you have eradicated the ants, the kitchen in your restaurant will remain sanitary and you won't need to worry about scaring off customers or staff members due to annoying insects. Citrus Oil

Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Newborn

Preparing for a new baby involves ensuring that your home is ready. Some preparations can be handled in the days leading up to the birth, but others should be taken care of weeks or months ahead. If you are welcoming a newborn to the family soon, here are some tips to ensure your home is ready.  Pest-Proof Your Home Pests will not respect the fact that you have a newborn in the home.

What To Do When Your New Rescue Cat Has Fleas

If you have just adopted a recuse cat, and have found out that they have fleas, you are probably wondering how to handle the situation. The good news is that this is not a problem that will result in huge vet bills. You can get flea treatments over the counter that will kill the fleas on the cat. The more troublesome issue is if the fleas have gotten off your cat and into your carpets or other places in your home.

3 Reasons To Hire A Mosquito Control Specialist

If you have a mosquito problem, this can be a huge issue for multiple reasons. Mosquitoes are attracted to most humans because of their blood, thus making you their main target. A great way to get rid of annoying mosquitoes is hire a a mosquito control specialist to come take care of them for you. They will likely offer you a few different methods to get rid of the mosquitoes, all of which will likely include spraying, and you can choose the ones that work best for you.

Pest Control Services For Naughty Raccoons: How You Can Help

As much as people have an affinity for cute, furry banditos known as raccoons, you will want to avoid any contact with them. They can be quite vicious, and they carry rabies. In addition to these issues, raccoon feces is notorious for carrying numerous worms and intestinal parasites, which can cause major health problems for those that come into contact with it even by accident. As such, you will need professional pest control services to intervene if you have a raccoon problem.

Basic Home Defense: A Guide For Keeping Termites Away From Your Home

The old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," was never truer than when applied to termite infestations. It is much easier to defend against termites and the damage they cause than it is to treat them and make repairs after the fact. Here are some simple things you can do as a homeowner to keep termites from entering and eating your home. 1. Get yearly pest inspections.