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Got Termites? I Can Help

Hickory Dickory Dock: How To Stop The Mice From Running Up The Clock This Winter

by Letitia Hunt

Winter is finally here, which means pests like ants and roaches will finally leave your home for a few months. However, that doesn't mean you can stop worrying about pest infestations. In fact, now that the cold weather is here, you need to be even more serious about the pest control efforts. That's because cold weather brings out the furry pests, particularly the mice. As soon as the weather turns chilly, mice start looking for a warm place to stay, which can include your home. Before you're left to face a long winter with mice in your house, here are four steps you need to take. 

Clear Your Yard

Now that summer is over and your gardens have been overtaken by weeds, you need to make sure that you clear your yard of all dead vegetation. You might not realize this, but dead vegetation provides an attractive invitation for mice. This is particularly true if you have dead fruit and vegetables remaining on the ground from your summer and fall harvests. Decaying fruit and vegetables provide all the nutrients mice will need, which means they'll be more likely to nest in your home this winter. To avoid that, clear your yard of all dead vegetation before you see your first mouse this winter. 

Remove Entry Points

Now that the weather has turned cold, mice will be looking for a way into your home. To make sure they stay out, you need to remove as many of their entry points, as possible. One way to do that is to clear the clutter off your patios, especially around the doors. Mice can hide behind the clutter, waiting for a chance to run into your home. Clearing the area around your doors will eliminate the hiding places. You'll also need to repair holes in your door and window screens. If you have damaged screens, mice can climb through those if you happen to open your windows this winter. 

Keep Trash Areas Clean

Now that you're taking steps to keep the mice away this winter, be sure to keep the trash areas clean. This is particularly important where your outdoor trash cans or dumpsters are concerned. The smell of garbage will attract nearby mice, and bring them running towards your home. Unfortunately, the smell of garbage will also attract other pests as well. To prevent pest infestations this winter, keep the trash areas clean. 

Conduct Weekly Inspections

Finally, now that you're taking an active approach to your rodent control this winter, don't forget about the weekly inspections. Spend some time each week looking for signs of mice. Pay close attention to closets and cabinets. If you find mouse droppings, or smell any type of musty urine odor, contact a pest control for service right away.