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Got Termites? I Can Help

Protecting Your Property From Severe Pest And Insect Problems

by Letitia Hunt

Insect problems can create some serious consequences for your home and health. However, there are effective options for preventing and addressing pests, but homeowners often still face troubles as they work to manage this annoying and potentially hazardous problem.

Identify The Causes Of Your Insect Problem

Being aware of the causes of the insect problems that you are experiencing can be one of the first steps in effectively combating these problems. For example, homes that suffer from gnat or insect problems may have sources of standing water that are serving as breeding grounds for these particular pests. Conversely, flies and ants can be related to food, trash or other organic materials being easily accessible. If you evaluate your property and are still unable to confidently identify the source of this pest, you may want to hire a professional pest control expert to evaluate the property.

Keep The Garbage Bins In And Outside The Home Clean

Homeowners will frequently make a diligent effort to keep the garbage bins inside the home fairly clean. This can help to reduce the prevalence of pests inside the home by reducing odors and other possible attractants for pests. However, it is more common for individuals to fail to be as diligent about keeping their outdoor garbage bins clean. Yet, this can lead to potentially serious pest problems as a result of the odors, fluids and residue in the garbage bin.

Address Indoor And Outdoor Pest Problems

When you are attempting to combat pest problems, it is important to be mindful of the fact that you will need to address pests both inside and outside your home. Homeowners that fail to implement pest control strategies for their yards can find that the pests outside will migrate into the home where they can cause serious problems. Treating the property around the home for pests is extremely effective for homes that are located near wooded areas as this can minimize the pests that are able to enter the home from the woods. Furthermore, you should give special attention to areas in the yard where you and your family tend to spend the most time.

Provide Year-Round Insect Control

The warm months can experience some of the most intense insect problems, but it is important for a homeowner to be proactive with preventing pests throughout the year. This will require ongoing pest treatments to account for the pests that pose the greatest seasonal risk for your property. If you are using a professional pest control service for these treatments, they will adjust the treatments that are being administered accordingly. However, if you are attempting to treat your own property for pests, you will need to research and make these adjustments yourself.

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