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Termites are nasty critters that work their way into your home and destroy it from the inside out. My name is Linda, and I am a pest control specialist. I have seen many homes and other buildings absolutely destroyed by termites. A termite infestation can cause a great deal of time and money to fix, and I'd like to tell you how to avoid having termites in the first place. I'll also discuss the clues that you have termites in your home and what to do if you already have an infestation. You can fix a termite problem, but you should act as quickly as possible. Let me be your guide.


Got Termites? I Can Help

What To Do If Ants Are Taking Over Your Home

by Letitia Hunt

Ants can get into just about anywhere in your home, so don't be surprised if you find them in the oddest of places. You would think they would be in your food pantry, but you can find them in your bathroom or in bedrooms as well. Ants are going to come in where they can and will keep moving in order to find food and water. If you are finding these pests all over your home, you could have an infestation and need to get control of it. Read on for tips to help get rid of the problem and ways to help prevent it.

Get Rid Of The Ants

If you're killing these ants one by one, you're going to be there forever squashing ants. You need to kill not just the ants you see, but even the ants you don't see. You can use ant traps or poisonous baits to kill the ants. Worker ants will take the poison back to their nest and help kill most of the population. If you are finding ants on separate floors of your home, they may be in your walls or are crawling up through the pipes or even the duct work of your home. If this is the case, you can try to use an insect bomb to treat your home. This will help kill ants as well as other pests that may be living in your home. 

If you use an insect bomb, you need to be sure to use one on each floor of your home. Also, be sure nobody is in the house when you use the bomb. Even pets should be removed from the home. Cover things such as children's toys, and place bedding into plastic bags. Then be sure to vacuum your home when finished and empty the canister outside of your home.

If the insect bomb didn't do it's job, then call one of your local residential pest control services for help.

Preventing An Ant Infestation

Prevent ants from invading your home by keeping your home clean and eliminating crumbs and food particles from your counters and floors. Outside your home, you should spray for ants around the perimeter in the spring when ants are just waking up and looking for food. Keep wood piles and any other brush piles away from your home's perimeter. If you have mulch around your foundation, remove the mulch closest to the foundation and add rock instead. Ants like mulch and will nest in it, but the rock will work as a barrier to keep them at bay. Also keep all landscaping (plants, flowers, and bushes) away from your home and the foundation, keep landscaping at least a foot away from your home.

If you are finding ants on each floor of your home, or in every room of your home, it could be an infestation. Try to get rid of them yourself, but if they're still in your home, call a professional.