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Got Termites? I Can Help

8 Home Remedies For A Rat Problem

by Letitia Hunt

Home remedies have been used in the past to help catch rats with mixed results. Due to the fact that rats carry disease, you have to take action quickly to prevent the spread of disease. If you want to use a home remedy, here are several that you can try. 

  1. Ammonia. Rats allegedly hate the smell of ammonia. You can place small jars or bowls in the areas where the rats have been spotted. To cut down on the strong smell, dilute the ammonia with water.  

  2. Pepper. The smell of pepper makes it difficult for rats to breathe. You can sprinkle it near the baseboards and any other places where the rats have been. As an added measure, sprinkle the pepper outside to possibly prevent the rats from coming into your home.  

  3. Cat Litter. Rats allegedly know the smell of a cat and will make every effort not to be near any place that a cat lives. Placing cat litter in the holes where rats live can potentially drive them away. 

  4. Steel wool. Steel wool crammed into the holes that the rats are moving in and out of can help to keep them out. It not only blocks their access point, but it is a substance that the rats are less likely to eat or remove.  

  5. Moth balls. Moth balls are not just used to keep moths away. The smell can potentially drive rats away. On the off chance that a rat eats a moth ball, it could potentially kill it.  

  6. Instant mashed potatoes. When rats eat the potatoes, the dehydrated flakes allegedly expand inside of them. As a result, the rats are left bloated, which can be a potentially deadly situation for a rat.  

  7. Bay leaves. The leaves are fragrant and attractive to rats. The leaves also have the potential to kill the rats after they are ingested.  

  8. Urinal deodorizer block. A urinal deodorizer block acts as a repellent to rats. You can place them around the house and not worry about the smell being too strong for you and your family. If you have small children, do not leave the blocks in a place that is accessible to them.  

Home remedies are not guaranteed. Even though some people have found success with a combination of remedies, calling a rat pest control expert to handle the situation is the safest and easiest way of getting rid of rats in your home.