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Got Termites? I Can Help

Three Reasons Why Predatorial Animals Are The Best Natural Pest Control

by Letitia Hunt

If you love animals, really love animals, then you probably have an aversion to killing any living creature. This often becomes a problem when you experience pests, because you do not want them exterminated, but you do want them out of your house. If you consult animal-loving, all-natural pest control services, you may find that they often provide and suggest predatory animals. This is not a new approach to pest control; cats and mongooses have been used for centuries to control mice, rats, and snakes. Here are three reasons why this is the best natural pest control.

Predator Animals Eat All of Their Prey

All of the animals supplied by these natural pest control services are typically tame and they will not attack you (unless you get between them and lunch). Instead, these animals are allowed to roam your home for a few days, looking for the pests that are bothering you, and consuming them entirely. They eliminate your pest problems by making them disappear into their bellies. The pest control service brings the predator animals hungry, and picks them up sated, plus you could get up close and personal with animals like an anteater or a chameleon.

Most of the Predatory Animals Used are Safe Around Humans

Most predator animals used in these natural pest control services are safe for "use" around humans. You may also have a couple of choices for which animal to use to control a particular pest. For example, if your problem is mice, you could "use" a cat, a snake, a trained falcon or owl, etc. It all depends on what the natural pest control service has available and can offer you for the duration of the job. (The birds are typically for use in barns, garages, and outlying buildings, but a well-trained falcon can be used in the house too.)

The Presence of the Predator Animal Discourages Other Pests from Entering

It is a known fact that when a pest senses or smells a predator, it looks for another home or another source of food. Mice, for example, will keep several feet away from a home where a cat dwells, although you may still get an adventurous or foolish mouse venturing inside. Insect pests are not so smart, but a quick-moving iguana or chameleon can make short work of your bug problem. An anteater or aardvark will dig up the queen of an ant or termite colony, thus destroying it and discouraging new colonies from emerging in the same location.