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Termites are nasty critters that work their way into your home and destroy it from the inside out. My name is Linda, and I am a pest control specialist. I have seen many homes and other buildings absolutely destroyed by termites. A termite infestation can cause a great deal of time and money to fix, and I'd like to tell you how to avoid having termites in the first place. I'll also discuss the clues that you have termites in your home and what to do if you already have an infestation. You can fix a termite problem, but you should act as quickly as possible. Let me be your guide.


Got Termites? I Can Help

Rats In The Daytime? It's Not What You Think

by Letitia Hunt

If you see rats inside your home or on your roof during the day, you might think that you have a large infestation on your hands. While you could possibly have a large rodent problem in your home or somewhere on your property, you could actually have a very small population of rodents living in your home instead. Here's why you see rats during the day and what you can do to eliminate them.

Why Do Rats Move About During the Day?

Although, most rat and mice sightings occur at night, some rodents can frequent places during the daylight hours. The rodents you see may feel comfortable enough with their surroundings to travel beyond their nesting sites for food. If your home is empty of humans and pets during the daytime, the rodents may be brave enough to come out even more. This new bravery can be harmful to your home, family, and pet's safety.

Rats carry very dangerous diseases that transmit to humans and some animals like dogs, including the toxoplasmosis and rat bite fever. Because rodents defecate and urinate just about everywhere they go, the pests can transmit diseases to your loved ones without you ever knowing about it. Rats also release oily residue on surfaces when they scurry across them, including food counters and stove tops. 

To protect your home and loved ones from daytime-loving rodents, eliminate the things that attract them.

How Do You Eliminate Your Rodent Problem?

First, look for places rats tend to frequent the most in homes and seal them with caulk and steel mesh, such as behind your kitchen counters, bathroom sink, and attic. If possible, disinfect the surfaces in your home with 2 cups of white vinegar and 4 cups of clean water. You can also steam clean your flooring to remove any feces, urine, and oil stains the rodents left behind. You should always wear protective gloves on your hands when touching and cleaning contaminated items or places. 

Unless you feel comfortable doing so yourself, it's a good idea that you contact a professional pest control company to close up the holes on your roof and trap the rats. Rodents can bite when provoked, so you want to avoid this issue as much as possible. Also, climbing your roof may not be the safest thing to do. 

Finally, monitor your home for signs of rodents each day. If you find droppings on your counters or anywhere else in the home, contact pest control for additional services.