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Got Termites? I Can Help

Have a Wooden Backyard Playscape? Learn How to Protect It from Pests

by Letitia Hunt

Having a backyard playscape is great to keep your kids busy by climbing and swinging. Unfortunately, a wood playscape is prone to having bugs infest the construction material by burrowing through the wood or consuming it. Here are some tips to help keep these pests away.

Use Cedar Wood

For those that have not yet constructed the playscape, consider using cedar wood to build it. This lumber will be more expensive, but it will deter insects from getting into the wood. This is because there is an oil in the wood that repels insects. You can have other types of wood treated, but you can't beat the natural protection that cedar provides.

Caulk Around the Hardware

Insects will find a way to get into whatever small spaces they can to create their home. One place where pests tend to get in is around the hardware on the playscape. You can prevent this from happening by placing caulk around the holes before you insert any of the hardware. It will prevent insects from getting in, and make this part of the playscape waterproof. This will prevent rot from happening in an area that is prone to it. For playscapes that are complete, you can go around and fill in any gaps with caulk.

Paint or Stain the Wood

Keeping the wood healthy is a way that you can prevent pests from getting into the wood. One way to do this is to regularly paint or stain the playscape. This will protect the wood by preventing water from getting in and also limiting exposure from UV light. You can also purchase a stain that will repel insects, giving you additional protection.

Spray For Pests Each Spring

You may already be taking steps to prevent pests from getting into your home. This includes spraying around the foundation during the spring. You can also use the same pest control chemicals to spray around your playscape. Just make sure to let these chemicals dry before you let your kids play on the playscape again.

Perform Regular Inspections

You need to be observant by performing a regular inspection of the playscape. Look for signs that there are trails, hives, or nests around the playscape, and get rid of them when you see them.

For more tips on pest control around a playscape or assistance removing a pest, speak with a local pest control company like Paffy's Pest Control.