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Got Termites? I Can Help

Three Common Mouse Control Options

by Letitia Hunt

Having mice in your home can be a serious concern: the little rodents can carry diseases and get into your food, and if left unchecked, their population can grow exponentially in just a few weeks. If you've seen a mouse in your home, or have seen the signs of one around, there are several ways that you can remove them to control their population.

Mouse Traps

The most common type of mouse trap available is a simple wooden spring loaded trap that can be baited using peanut butter or cheese to attract mice. Another common trap is one that uses glue instead of a metal spring to trap the mouse so that it dies of exhaustion or hunger after a few days.

With both types of traps, it's important to place them extensively around the area where you saw the mouse. Mice don't tend to move far away from their nest, so placing several around the area where they are most likely to be is the surest way to trap them.

However, it is important to note that both of these types of traps are considered inhumane by some people. Further, they should not be employed if you have pets or small children, as they can accidentally wander into a trap and seriously injure themselves.


Poison traps, sometimes called rodenticide, are another common type of mouse removal method that you can use in your home. These are made out of mice or rodent baits, usually some sort of preserved food that will attract them, that have a poison that will kill the mice after several feedings. There are several different types of mouse poisons available at most hardware stores, so you can easily find the one that can be employed to meet your needs.

Similar to physical traps, you should not employ poisons around pets and small children.

No-kill Traps

A popular option with many homeowners, as they are seen as more humane than physical traps and poisons, these types of traps can operate in a variety of ways. Usually, bait is placed within the trap on a weighted plate, so that when the mouse enters the trap and removes or eats the bait, the door will close, trapping the mouse inside. You can then take the mouse to another location, usually far away from your home, before releasing them into the wild. These types of traps are ideal for use with children and pets, as they are enclosed and can't be accidentally tripped.

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