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Got Termites? I Can Help

Squeaks in the Night: How to Tell Whether Mice Are Invading Your Attic

by Letitia Hunt

Does your attic sound haunted due to nighttime squeaks and strange sounds? Well, don't call Ghostbusters just yet! More likely, you need to call Mousebusters: squeaks in the attic often mean there are mice in the area. The bad news is that mice are capable of chewing through wires and starting electrical fires. Fortunately, you'll know whether mice are invading your attic by identifying a few telltale signs.

Listen Closely to the Noises Coming from the Attic Late at Night

The best time to identify mice in your attic is in the evening. Therefore, you'll want to stay up late one night to listen closely to the noises in the attic.

Turn off televisions, radios, and other electronic devices to create a noise-free environment.

Once you hear the squeaking begin, listen carefully to the sounds coming from the attic. Pay attention to whether the squeaks frequently occur in different locations. Also, notice whether you hear any scratching or chewing noises, which are surefire signs that there are intruders causing trouble up there.

Look for Mouse Feces in the Attic

If after listening carefully, you hear scratching sounds, chewing noises, or moving squeaks, then it's time to inspect the attic. Use a bright light to check the ground for mouse droppings, which look like dark grains of rice. If you find feces that match this description, then the odds are good that there are mice in the area.

Check for Mouse Holes in the Attic

Whether or not you find feces, you'll also want to check the attic for mouse holes. After all, if there are mice in the attic, they're getting in there somehow.

Mice are capable of squeezing through extremely small openings, so check every crevice. Mouse holes are often hidden well, so you may need to move furniture, boxes, and other items away from walls to find the holes.

If you find one or more holes—even ones as small as golf balls—there's a good chance that the squeaks in the attic are coming from mice.

Patch or block any holes as soon as you find them. If mice were entering the attic through the holes, then the squeaks should stop.

If you notice the above signs but can't find any mice, call a pest-control technician who has experience finding and trapping small rodents. This is the easiest way to ensure your home is protected from mice and any damage potentially caused by the feisty rodents.